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Renewed Vigor

2012-05-09 06:43:17 by KingKazma

I can do this! im getting back into the game! and just for kicks ima do video game art for a while.

Renewed Vigor

I keep trying to post pics and stuff but i just cant find the time. although when i do have time i usually spend it reviewing or playing ur delicious games. I humbly ask u for ur forgivness.

srry guys

2012-02-10 11:19:53 by KingKazma

damn i really need to be frequent with this... ive just had trouble in college thats all. so ima try to be on alot more. lol

College is soooo boring.

2011-08-30 19:08:48 by KingKazma

But the girls are DAMN!!!


2011-08-27 20:24:08 by KingKazma

Im having trouble getting on PSN.
My laptop gets 3 bars but my PS3 wont take my damn WEP!!!!

Introductions 101

2011-08-27 02:08:43 by KingKazma

Hey guys, I'm KingKazma. (dur)
i've been with new grounds for a long time but i never really felt like making an account. lol
i guess at first i just wanted to be able to comment on stuff and give people the thanks and praise they deserve for their work here at NG. but i figured, hey why not add some of my stuff too you know?

as of now im having trouble displaying my artwork on the art portal but rest assured, (like you guys even care) lol that i will be on that soon.

Ever the publics, KingKazma